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Structure of the Catalogue Raisonné


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The INTRODUCTION contains basic information regarding the Catalogue Raisonné of Alfred Kornberger's oil paintings as well as introductory remarks by Monika and Gerald Ziwna.

The BIOGRAPHY informs of Alfred Kornberger's life and work with biographical details provided by Franz Smola.

In the CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ Monika and Gerald Ziwna provide an overview of Alfred Kornberger's most important stylistically and thematically creative periods. Kornberger's Œuvre of oil paintings is accessible either chronologically, by the year of production - or thematically, by subject category. Works which have been discovered after the publication of the Catalogue Rainonne´ in 2007 can be found at Addenda in the category by year.

All works can be viewed in two different image display formats with different information contents.
List display contains a listing of the basic information of all works (such as the index number, title, technique, year, dimensions, signature/dating/designation), and additionally in small format images. It is automatically displayed in both subcategories of the index. Alternatively one switch to the brief details display screen where all works are listed at a glance with the index number and a small format image.

With a mouse-click on a work you can access more detailed information for the work (such as index number, category, title, year, technique, dimensions, signature/dating/designation, location, and provenance) with larger format images.

The category EXHIBITIONS provides all available information on Alfred Kornberger's Solo- and Group exhibitions presented during his lifetime as well as posthumously. All exhibited works as well as their index numbers (if known) are assigned to the exhibitions which can be viewed with more detailed information with a click of the mouse.

The REFERENCES are divided into Life & Work, Commission works, based on texts by Franz Smola as well as Catalogues & journals, and Newspaper articles. Here can be found the literature historically contemporary to Kornberger as well as the current literature.

In ABOUT, Monika and Gerald Ziwna describe their occupation with artist Alfred Kornberger as art dealers.

Using menu item SEARCH you can search for particular images through keywords. By entering a keyword, the search in the database will be started. The keywords assigned to the pictures are descriptive with regard to category, sujet, as well as single motifs of the works.

The PICTURE INQUIRY allows the use of this site to query the inventory of the Catalogue Raisonné for individual works.


Structuring of the works

Explanations for all captions are as follows:

  • Index number
  • Category
  • Title
  • Year
  • Technique
  • Dimensions
  • Location
  • Provenance
  • Image


Index number
All of the Catalogue Raisonné's works are based on the list of works of Alfred Kornberger's oil paintings as well as their index numbers (WVZ-Nr), which has been released by Monika und Gerald Ziwna in 2007, including an inventory of 1297 works. These works are chronologycally listed and provided with an ascending number ordering, and additionally with an »a« preceding the number. All works discovered after 2007 are added to the catalogue as addenda, beginning at number 1298 and with an »N« preceding the number (based on Ziwna 2007).

All of the Catalogue Raisonné's works are assigned to categories depending on their content as follows. Overall, there are six categories. Multiple assignments are possible.

Paintings were designated by reworking artist's own archive, and in collaboration with his widow Nevenka Kornberger. Untitled works where assigned with a descriptive title during this process to arrive at a figurative system. The original German titles have been translated into English, and for reasons of space could not be added the English translations in the catalogue.

Alfred Kornberger left an elaborate photo archive including a lot of data and notes. The Catalogue Raisonné of the oil paintings is based on this material with an additional research through private and public collections regarding missing images and data.
The oil paintings where listed chronologically by date of origin by Monika and Gerald Ziwna. This list was created with a lot of care regarding several motifs and stylistic forms.
Moreover, the dating of the works can be explained by Kornberger's own notes on the works that are mentioned in signature/dating/designation. In Kornberger's photo archive there are no reproductions of oil paintings between 1993 and 1997. This suggests that the artist documented the pictures which he created at that time not until the following year. This explains the comprehensive number of works dated between 1994 and 1998. It is assumed that he created mostly drawings and watercolour works during these years, which subsequently served as models for his oil paintings. Due to his illness Kornberger had to stop the production of his oil paintings in 2001 and didn't continue his painstakingly detailed documentation of his works. Undated works are mentioned as »about« with the year, if the dating is not available through any other source.

The Catalogue Raisonné is restricted to the Kornberger's oil paintings. The material may vary.

All dimensions are indicated in cm (height x width) and are mostly based on the Catalogue Raisonné by Monika and Gerald Ziwna (containing index numbers WVZ-Nr. 1-1297), published in 2007. For some works (as for example works until 2007 with unknown dimensions) updates and supplements were added. The dimensions of the addenda each come from the relevant picture source.

The history of the provenance is continuously updated and indicated as detailled as possible. The complete provenance of a work is mostly not available and in some cases remains unresolved. All information regarding the auctions and public sales are - if available - of particular interest at this point as well as where the image is depicted (»depicted in«). If the provenance remains fully unclear it will be designated as »unknown«.

We endeavour to depict the works in the highest quality and thus update them continuously. The material available to us was partly of such a low quality, that we decided to use black-and-white photographs instead. This relates predominately to the early works. There are some works of which the provenance still remains unresolved and which are not available through reproductions. These works are shown in the list of works without any picture. Here the picture's Copyright is also indicated.


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